Mr.Ganapathi’s Works as an independent photographer. His expertise is synonymous to precision. A very passionate and intuitive photographer who goes beyond the brief and tries to take the idea to higher level with his visual imagination and photography acumen. His photographs have attracted much social acclaim and have been published in many magazines in India. S. Ganapathi Rao was awarded the Lalit Kala Academy National Award.

Claiming to be still going strong with his old so technologically advanced gadgets he always creates very striking pictures, he shoots soul-stirring pictures of dull, staid areas even. His control over lighting gives results that are not only photographic masterpieces but elevate this art form into a totally different dimension. The best part about Mr. Ganapathi is that he knows the pulse of his audience, understands the issues and challenges and addresses them in their tone and manner a brilliant, no-attitude photographer he is also a very pleasant person, his natural aptitude for photography takes him beyond and ahead of many. His ingenuity is very impressive.

Easily considered a versatile photographer, someone who totally devoted to his profession and exceedingly versatile and splendid. Through he shoots a wide range of subjects his works with tribal’s is very close to his heart. The best part about Mr. Ganapathi is that he managed befriending some very secluded tribes and managed some rare captures of their in their natural habital. He understood their pulse and issues And challenges and addressed them in their tone and manner. Ganapathi has a great eye for finding beauty in inanimate objects too.

His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in prestigious institutions like NCPA, Lalita Kala Academy in India. His exhibitions have attractive attention in some other countries too. This Nov 2013 (14 to 20th) we can see his work showcased in Jehangir Art Gallery plus very shortly it will be held in San Francisco also.

His clients, mostly from France, Italy and India, unanimously feel he is imaginative, creative, original, reliable, dedicated and a perfectionist in execution of his pictures. What has kept him genuine is the fact that he is ever willing to learn and innovative. Mr.Ganapatti continues to evolve.

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Ms.Soma Guru
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